February 5, 2005

Nova Roma Dacia Province

The Statement of Dacia Province

In antiquity Dacia Province it was a part of roman world, in social and political life, and of course, a part of Roman Limes.
In modern times Dacia Province will become, like in antiquity, a part of a great family: The Nova Roma family.
For that, I, Titus Iulius Sabinus, require the recognition of Dacia Province in Nova Roma with all the rights and duties.
Dacia Province will be representing by the geographical space of modern Romania.
Dacia, as Nova Roma Province, will have the next objectives:
- to participate in social, economical, political and religious life of Nova Roma.
- the restoration and development of roman life in this area.
- to recruit new citizens, especially active citizens from the province.
- to participate in Limes Cooperation between Province.
- to present in legal terms the budgets plan to the Senate and the report of taxes payment to the censors.
- to set up her own legal structures and leaderships.
- to promote a provincial web site.