November 25, 2004

Virtual Discipline


NOVA ROMA. More than a virtual community!
What a wonderful idea...especially when it has a real story: Roman society, with all that it means: constitution, laws, special interest groups, rights and duties.
All, with a noble and voluntary purpose: restoration of classical Roman religion, culture and virtues. A great possibility to communicate with other fans, and why not, a step for understanding the eternal question: Who we are and where we come from?
It's a truth that the development of this idea is in our hands. If we stay close to historical facts, all matters will work better. And historical facts, in this case, are the roman society with its institutions and laws.
Respect for that institutions and laws, gives the possibility of a proper society development. That is the only way in which a virtual community may become a real community in our soul.
But this is possible only with virtual discipline. And we can find this discipline in Tabularium.